The Kingdom of Thailand is one of the most interesting growth markets in Asia. In 2015, the economy is expected to grow 3.5%… mainly thanks to domestic demand.  In 2014, an economic growth of 1.5% was achieved*.  (*estimate)

According to the World Bank, Thailand ranks 26th in the world’s “Ease of Doing Business Ran” in 2015.
In Thailand, FDI inflows surged in 2013, growing by 20.9% to reach $13 billion. FDI in Thailand has been mainly driven by a rise in M&A activities. In 2013, Thailand was the second-largest target of M&A purchases in South-East Asia, behind Singapore, with concluded sales worth US$ $6 billion. (source: UNESCAP Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2014).

There are many reasons why Dutch companies should be interested in doing business in Thailand.

  • Thailand has a consumer market of 67 million
  • It is located in the heart of the Asean region
  • It boasts one of the most diverse economies in the Asean region
  • It is in the top 3 economies in the Asean region
  • It offers a gateway to both Asean and the Asia-Pacific market
  • Export and import is almost duty free to and from the neighbouring Asean countries
  • The country has a well-developed traffic infrastructure
  • Electronic infrastructure is first rate
  • It has a free-enterprise economy
  • The investment climate is excellent
  • There are excellent tax facilities for foreign investors and expatriates
  • Salaries, fees and cost of living are low
  • The Thai currency is convertible and linked to the US dollar
  • There is a dedicated labour force
  • In business and governmental circles English is the second language