Kees de Ruiter
Advisor to the board

Kees de Ruiter is Director of DeRuiter Consultancy and through this company he has been active in Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia for most of his career. Preparing, developing and executing direct investments in manufacturing for mostly European clients wanting to start such operations overseas.

He has been involved in a large number of investments and took up interim management of such industries to upgrade the organisation, to enhance efficiency or to enlarge the output. In this last capacity Kees was Interim Managing Director of Driessen Zodiac Aerospace Industries in Bangkok and Chiang Mai with over 1000 employees and production of galley equipment and galley parts for aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus and individual airlines (2004-2008).

Driessen received various rewards during his time there: the prestigious NTCC Thailand Business Award (2006), Employer of the Year (2006) from the Thai Government and full manufacturing training licenses from the Ministry of Labour enabling the company to issue official diplomas to Thai workers in 2007. Extended information can be found on

Kees was member of the Board and Chairman of the Dutch NTCC between 1988 and 2010.