Aad Ouborg

Aad Ouborg
Honorary Member

In 2011 Aad Ouborg became Honorary Member and joined the Board of Advisors. He has proven to be a great Ambassador of NTCC by opening his is extensive network to our adb=vantage. In close co-operation with national stars like Patricia Paay, the Dolly Dots, Linda de Mol and René Froger, Aad Ouborg entered the Dutch market as entrepreneur in 1983 with the beauty brand Babyliss.

In 10 years it becomes the No.1 Brand. After selling Babyliss he builds Priness Household Appliances Co. Ltd. The unique showmarketing with out-of-the-box consumer programs and events accommodate worldwide growth with sales thourgh e.g. Central in Thailand.

He continues to cultivate the enterprises under the Ouborg Group umbrella. Together with his children Tim and Florentine he launches Princess Sportsgear and Princess Traveller in 2011.