Thai Students and Graduates in the Netherlands

The NTCC has a strong relationship with the Thai Student Association in the Netherlands (TSAN). TSAN started in 2004, was formalised in 2006 and has now matured. The objectives of TSAN are:

  • Strengthen collaboration and relationships amongst the Thai students in the Netherlands
  • Strengthen collaboration and relationships with researchers, academic visitors and the Thai community in the Netherlands

Their activities include:
Annual Thai Student Day where over 200 Thai students in the Netherlands meet Thai people working in the Netherlands
The Leiden Dialogue, a frequent semi-academic discussions on the economic and asocial situation in Thailand Participation in the annual Thailand Grand Festival.

Thai Students looking for internships
There are over 200 Thai students in the Netherlands. They follow studies that vary from Law to Agriculture and Technical studies. They are spread from Groningen to Nijmegen, Amsterdam to Leiden. Frequently these students require internships. If you have a specific Thailand related question, please do not hesitate to contact us at